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Personal Business Mastery Programme


We all deserve to live a life of choice. All of us have dreams, desires and we have goals yet:


  • Why are there still so many people sulking about life? 

  • Why are there many around you wishing for something better but not doing anything about it.


Does this situation sound familiar to you?


The message here is that we all deserve to be happy. Happiness means doing what we desire. Personal Business Mastery (PBM) is about enabling you to live a life of choice. It is about growing from within you so that whatever that you do, takes off at a quicker pace. Whatever you achieve, has a stronger sense of gratification because you know you can do it again.


It is an entrepreneurship programme because I feel that the fastest way to achieve your dreams is through business. However, the core PBM is about becoming an entrepreneur before you become an entrepreneur. It is about developing your foundation so that when you build your business, come what may, you will always move forward striving for that one human need - the desire for growth.


PBM targets your very psychology that enables you achieve success goal after goal. It is a shift in mindset, a development of an individual together with the necessary tools to launch your business. However, PBM is not a hand-holding programme. It is about application and leaving the room with the ability, confidence and drive to live a life of choice. How great will it feel leaving the room with a business ready to launch?


This is Personal Business Mastery.


You may attend the numerous courses available - website development, email marketing, internet marketing, branding, sales - but if you do not first develop yourself, these topics will not stick.


While it is recommended that you learn the above topics, and many of these are covered in PBM programme as well, you need to become an entrepreneur first, having the right mindsets, being a strategist with a list of goals before you embark on this knowledge.




In the Personal Business Mastery programme, you will discover:


  • The 6 Components every you as an entrepreneur has to have within you to grow yourself and with it your business


  • Learning from the Honeybees, you will be develop your business using the 6-Step Honeycomb Process:


1) Focus Your Mind: Purpose, Vision & Goals

    - Discovering your purpose, skills and abilities to apply in business

    - Identify your values both personally and in business

    - The proper psychological proven method of Goal-getting together with    development of vision-mission statements


2) Market Explorer Mind: Market Research & Ground Approval Consensus

- Identification of existing related businesses in your field

- Testing business concepts with members of the public


3) The Clear Mind: Communication & Synthesis of Information

- Seeking approval of concepts and synthesising a written document on    all research findings and business idea modifications


4) Business Map: Development of your Business Map

- Constructing your business map with the above information together    with key components of a business plan that enables a smooth business    launch


5) Welcome Entrepreneur: The Strategic Launch Sequence

- Putting the business map into manageable action with proper execution 


6) Business Mind Improvement: Analysis, Reflection & Review

- Evaluation of performance based on action steps and goals identified

- The key skills to improve on your business processes



Together with the above, the Personal Business Mastery programme includes these Bonus Topics:


1) Branding Mastery with Affendi


1) Social Media Marketing Buzz with Noor Mohammed


2) Pump Up Your Sales - Star Performer's Tactics in Winning Customers  by Faiyaaz Basrai


3) Secrets to Effective SEO Marketing with Azhar Katib




In addition, you will receive Complimentary Website Design and App Development Consultation with Soda in Mind together with a discounted Value Package on the above.


The above mentioned speakers for the Bonus Topics are not professional trainers. They are industry practitioners who have perfected their systems in business and willing to share their knowledge with you that will enable you to do the same.


If you have read thus far, you would be excited to know of the price of this programme. Before that:


The Personal Business Mastery programme has a 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee. If you feel that you have not gotten any value from this programme and that you still cannot start your own personal business, hand in your notes and a full refund will be given back to you.



Personal Business Mastery Accelerator Programme


Date: 29th - 30th November 2014


Time: Saturday 29th November - 10am to 5pm

          Sunday 30th November - 9am to 5pm


Value of entire programme:


PBM - S$1997

Social Media Marketing - S$4997

Pump Up Your Sales - $787

Branding Mastery - $549

SEO Marketing - $1997


Total Value: S$10327


Investment in Personal Business Mastery Accelerator programme: 


1 pax: S$797

2 pax: S$1200 ($600 per pax)


3 month instalment package available: $275 per month x 3 months 



This is indeed the lowest price with the highest value 2-full day business programme available today that will Guarantee you a business venture at the end of the second day - or your money back.


To register, sign up here:


Looking forward to serving you and enabling you to achieve a life of happiness because at the end of the day, it is Your Business, Your Life and Your Choice


Strive, Have Faith and Live with Content,


Taher Topiwala

MasterMind - Personal Business Mastery

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