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Popularly known as the HoneyBee BuzzMan; Taher Topiwala holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and is the founder of Honeycomb Initiative. Fascinated with honeybees since the past 4 years and having intensively studied them, Taher designs his development programmes based on his gathering of honeybee behaviour relating psychological concepts to make it relevant to us. 


Recently, Taher has become a partner in a business selling Yemeni Sidr Honey. Applying the various concepts he teaches in his programmes, he surpasses sales targets every month.


As a Platoon Sergeant in the Army during his National Service, Taher was tasked with training, managing and working with over 600 individuals from all walks of life. Training the recruits has helped Taher hone his personal leadership and communication skills. In Taher’s journey as an entrepreneur, he is actively involved as a freelance personal skills development trainer for various schools and  organisations over Singapore and Malaysia with different training companies. He inspires and teaches the youth on life skills such as leadership, team development, entrepreneurship and outdoor education as well.


Since 2013, Taher has organised various workshops and has spoken on various platforms together with successful entrepreneurs on the topics of entrepreneurship, personal and business growth. Participants particularly enjoy his ‘Buzz energisers’ that marked the beginning and end of these events.


One of the milestones in this journey thus far for Taher is the publishing and sale of his book entitled ‘Fundamentals of Success: 6 Components of Capital’. His purpose for writing this book on personal and business development is to add greater value to his audience about the study of  Honeybees and its application to human life together with the key personal growth factors needed for an individual to succeed in the realm of personal development and business.


Having immersed himself in such fields, Taher now lives by this doctoral:


“Your sustenance will seek you; therefore live with contentment. Strive and leave the rest to Him. Whatever belongs to you will surely reach you”.

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